Ancient Ayurvedic System of Medicen (Medicinal plants)

                        Medicinal plants             

Man and plants are very closely related.We are surrounded by a variety of plants which are useful to Human being in innumerable ways. Herbs provide medic-ens to sustain body's  health.Plants provide food for the growth of the body and also have great medicinal values Like Holy Basil(Sri Tulsi), Neem, Sandal Wood, Peepul (Bo -tree), Rudreksha,Bael (Bilwa),

                     Bael (Bilwa)           

* Eating of Bael leaves is a good remedy for spasms (pulling of muscles) 
* Eating of pulp Bael fruit revitalises all the organs of the body and also for curing fever.
* Add a little cumin seed powder to one teaspoon of Bael juice. Take this thrice a day to stop burning inside the chest.

*Greying of hair (premature) can be prevented by massaging the scalp with Bael leaf juice everyday.  

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