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                          JOINT PAIN             

Crush Machipatre ( Worm wood leaves ) and collect the juice. Boil this juice with a little Castor oil, one pinch of turmeric, four to five pieces of garlic and a little camphor. Apply this oil when it is Luke warm on the pain full joints, massage well. Take hot water bath after two hours.
* Mix one part of ajwain powder with two part of hot rice gruel and apply it on the painful joints. Wash it with warm water after two hours.
Powder 20 grams of each of dry ginger, black Jeera dry mint leaf powder and ten grams of pepper together. Take one tea-spoon of this powder twice a day and drink water.   
* Prepare a decoction of Castor plant roots. Boil two cups of this decoction with one cup of sesame oil until all the water has evaporated and clear oil remains in the pan. Cool this medication . Apply it when it is warm on the joints and massage lightly.

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