Ancient Ayurvedic System of Medicen (Medicinal plants)

                        Medicinal plants             

Man and plants are very closely related.We are surrounded by a variety of plants which are useful to Human being in innumerable ways. Herbs provide medic-ens to sustain body's  health.Plants provide food for the growth of the body and also have great medicinal values Like Holy Basil(Sri Tulsi), Neem, Sandal Wood, Peepul (Bo -tree), Rudreksha,Bael (Bilwa),


* For burning sensation felt while urinating can be cured by taking one full teaspoon of neem leaf juice thrice a day

*  Dry cough can be cured by taking the decoction of neem bark.  This is good for patients suffering from T.B (tuberculosis)

Mix four or five grams of the powder of neem bark with the powder of neem bark with the powder of four or five pepper corns and take it to cure indigestion. 

* Take neem leaf juice mixed with sugar to cure jaundice.

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