Ancient Ayurvedic System of Medicen (Medicinal plants)

                        Medicinal plants             

Man and plants are very closely related.We are surrounded by a variety of plants which are useful to Human being in innumerable ways. Herbs provide medic-ens to sustain body's  health.Plants provide food for the growth of the body and also have great medicinal values Like Holy Basil(Sri Tulsi), Neem, Sandal Wood, Peepul (Bo -tree), Rudreksha,Bael (Bilwa),

                                   Sri Tulasi                   

 Bad breah can be remedied by washing the mouth with the decoction of Tulsi.
* Apply Tulasi liquid on the pimples everyday to cure them
Mix a teaspoon of Tulasi juice with equal quantity lemon juice consume this to cure stomach ache
* Tulasi juice is a good remedy for wounds specially caused by poisonous creatures
Every morning consume on empty stomach mixture of five teaspoon of Tulasi juice and equal quantity of butter milk prepared out of cow's milk, to purify blood


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